Alpha 4: Optimizing, Statuses and Passives

It's been two weeks since Alpha 3 and a fair amount has changed!

I've made a lot of optimizations under the hood so the game should run better, and there are plenty of new things to check out. See if you can tackle the new Necromancer enemy!


  • Updated test stage to include new units, skills and doodads.
  • NEW html version is up and running for easy testing. Play it here.
  • NEW mechanic: Status effects
    • Strengthened. Has increased Power.
    • Dazed. Has 1 less Action Points.
    • Shielded. Immune to damage.
    • Rooted. Can't move or be moved.
    • Fallen. Can't take actions.
  • NEW mechanic: Passives
    • Undying. Gain Fallen when brought to 0 Health instead of dying.
    • Immovable. Can't move or be moved.
    • Resistant. Immune to Statuses.
    • Invulnerable. Can't be damaged or healed.


  • NEW neutral unit: Rock
    • Has Immovable and Resistant.
  • NEW undead unit: Necromancer
    • Has Summon Ghoul and Raise Dead


  • NEW skill: Cannibalize
    • Destroy a Fallen unit and gain +1 Power.
  • NEW skill: Raise Dead
    • Heal another Fallen ally and remove Fallen from them.
  • NEW skill: Summon Ghoul
    • Summons a Ghoul to fight for your team.
  • Life Grip
    • Now adds the Shielded status.
    • Now only targets allies.
  • Shield Bash
    • Now adds the Dazed status.
    • Now only targets enemies.
  • Charge
    • Now adds the Rooted status.
    • No longer deals damage.

User Interface

  • NEW Battle UI
    • The side panel now displays the selected unit's information; or selected skill information.

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Version 0.0.4 Aug 19, 2020

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