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Jotsway Canyon

Turn based tactics game in development. · By johnnygossdev


Recent updates

Alpha 5: Auras and Bug Fixes
This release adds Auras to the game! There are also bug and crash fixes, as well as unit tweaks. You can play the current version in browser here . General NEW...
2 files — 0.0.5
Alpha 4: Optimizing, Statuses and Passives
It's been two weeks since Alpha 3 and a fair amount has changed! I've made a lot of optimizations under the hood so the game should run better, and there are pl...
2 files — 0.0.4
Alpha 2 Patch Notes
General Control up to two teams or set them to AI Improved AI targeting Added new skills to test: Cannibalize Deal half damage to a unit and heal the amount Cha...
4 files — alpha-2

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